Laser Dentistry

Gum Disease

What do you mean when you say laser dentistry?
At Lumon Dental, our dental team believes that your smile deserves the best care we can possibly provide. As part of this commitment, we are dedicated to offering your family the latest advances in dental technology, including laser dentistry. Laser dentistry is the utilization of high-powered dental lasers to aid in and improve multiple dental treatments. Dental lasers can be used to:
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize your teeth
  • Reduce bacterial infection in your mouth
  • Remove diseased gum and soft tissues to treat gum disease
  • Reshape and seal your gum line
  • Assist in oral surgery

There are many advantages to laser dentistry, including minimized pain and discomfort, reduced bleeding, and a faster recovery period. Our dentists have the training and expertise necessary to utilize laser therapy in Royal Oak, Michigan, to the benefit of you and your family. We work with gentle skill and precision to help produce results you will love. We are truly devoted to ensuring your smile is well taken care of.

How do dental lasers work?
Lasers work by emitting a very specific wavelength of light that travels in one direction. A flashlight delivers light in many directions so the beams of light go everywhere.

We will work closely together with you to determine which type of dentures will restore your smile most effectively.
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